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Welcome to

Jenns Woodworks

Located Langley, BC, Canada


Hi! I'm James Enns

I’m the owner of Jenns Woodworks, a small studio/workshop located in Langley, BC. I’m drawn to the prospect of taking raw materials and forming them into something truly unique, inspiring, useful and beautiful. Whether the piece is a painting, a desk, a table or some of my smaller items. I strive to deliver quality and perfection. I enjoy being able to channel my creativity into my work and deliver stunning pieces of art to my clients. If you have a project in mind, contact me so we can make it happen together.

I have a lot of experience in Domestic as well as Exotic species of hardwood and softwood timbers. I create custom furniture with a modern or rustic twist, with some pieces containing resin. I also hand make artisan wood products like cribbage boards and everything, anyone might need for a great Charcutiere night. With my spare time I paint, and create vivid fluid artworks, that can be seen in person at the Willowbrook Art Gallery in Langley's Mall.

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